About Firedog

About Firedog’s name

“Unique creativity, enthusiastic as fire.”
Firedog is committed to bringing dreams and a brand new experience to each and every one in the ACG world, through our original and sentimental work.
We aim to create dreams and bring fulfilling lives to people worldwide with hopes on the future embedded in a brand-new multimedia – digital entertainment.

Main Business

  • Planning, production and manufacturing of game software, comics, animation and IP related products.

Firedog Facts

Company name

Firedog Creative Company Limited


Rm. B, 13/F, Chiu Tat Industrial Bldg., 108-110 King Fuk Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, H.K.

Date of Foundation


Key Members

Managing Director: Gabriel Tsz-kit Pang
Creative Director: Jack Ka-kuen Wong

Firedog History

August 1999

Firedog Computer Entertainment Ltd was founded.

As the first original commercial gameware studio which was a doujin group before, Firedog has received wide attention from game magazines. Its debut work was ‘Cupid Bistro!!’ (PC version).

December 2000

Cupid Bistro!!(PC version), with Softstar Entertainment Ltd as its distributor, was sold coinstantaneously.

July 2001

Princess 7 (PC version), with Info Mission as its distributor, was sold coinstantaneously.

February 2002

Cupid Bistro!! (Korean version) was released in Korea by XYZ Entertainment.

June 2002

Cupid Bistro!!(Japanese X-box version), which was co-produced with Success Corporation, was released in Japan with Success corporation as its distributor. It then became the first original Hong Kong game to be sold in Japan on XBOX console. Mobile phone version and PC version of the game and also game related products were then released. Cupid Bistro!! was awarded as the most popular PC game in Asia Game Show in December, and also won the bronze prize in the Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Excellence Awards in May, 2003.

August 2003

Cupid Bistro!! 2 (Japanese XBOX and PS2 versions) was released in Japan under another cooperation with Success Corporation. It was the first original Hong Kong game on PS2.

Two pieces of comics were published on the September issue of a Japanese magazine – MAGAZINE Z – in October of the same year.

July 2004

Cupid Bistro!!Max (PC version) was released in Hong Kong and Taiwan, with T-Time as the distributor of the latter batch. The Hong Kong batch was the first time Firedog bore sole responsibility producing and distributing a game in Hong Kong, opening the gateway of distributing products.

December 2004

SpeedUp – Monthly Comic Magazine published by Firedog was released in Hong Kong. It was an unprecedented step taken by Firedog into the comic field. A series of mobile phone games were released in the same month.

March 2005

Cupid Bistro!!2 (Chinese PC version) was released in Hong Kong and Taiwan, with the Taiwan batch being distributed by T-Time.

July 2005

1520 was released in the Hong Kong Comic Festival as Firedog’s first comic book.

December 2005

NeveRossa (PC version) was released in Hong Kong and Taiwan, with the Taiwan batch being distributed by Unalis.

February 2006

SpeedUp – Monthly Comic Magazine could be viewed on the Internet free. Cupid Tarot was released.

March 2006

Firedog participated Petit Fancy 3 in Taiwan for the first time.

November 2006

NeveRossa won Best Computer Game, Best Game Design, and Best Computer Graphics in the Hong Kong ITC Awards- Digital Entertainment Stream.

June 2007

A comicker of Firedog – Kai – has beaten more than 100 participants from more than 10 countries, winning the International Manga Awards organized by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs with his work 1520. Joey Hanma’s work – New Cullion College Science Group –, another title published by Firedog, was also chosen in the award as the final contestant.

August 2007

Experimental shooting game based on the comic New Cullion College Science Group was released in AniCOM Hong Kong.

August 2010

Become a wholly owned subsidiary of Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd., and company name changed to Firedog Studio Company Limited.

March 2013

MMORPG “Tiara Concerto Online” launched in Japan.

September 2013

Become independent from parent company Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd., and company name changed to Firedog Creative Company Limited.